Volaré Slant Six Rebuild and Follow-up Pics, July '16-Aug. '17

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Exterior and interior pictures taken in Melbourne, Florida, July 26, 2014

***   Many thanks to Dan Stern of slantsix.org for his generous sharing of tips and advice, and sources of parts, that have brought the project home.  Thanks also to NY/NJ Slant Six club members Ben Deutschman and Vito Labella for submitting informative comments on several pictures. ***

1.  Loose vacuum tube (pink/violet) hangs in upper right area of the photo.  Its connection on the vacuum port tree is broken.  The hole left behind on the tree has been plugged against vacuum leak with a dab of JBWeld.  Frames 17, 18 and 19 show other views of the original vacuum port tree.  Frame 28 shows a tree on an unattached intake manifold; it has same connections as the original, but not quite in the same configuration.  Click on picture to bring up shop manual diagram of interior vacuum routing (Frame 44).

2.  Main components: alternator, accessory drive belts, fan, radiator, a/c and heater hoses; a/c filter drier, coolant reserve tank, charcoal cannister.  Radiator hoses in use since January 2010.  Replacements purchased.  Spark plugs, distributor and fuel pump hidden by heater and a/c hoses hoses.  Heater and a/c hoses in use since January 2005.  Fuel pump (Mopar part number, 4026 247) in use since March 1994.  Champion spark plugs new in June, 2016.

3.  Main components: air cleaner with attached OSAC (not connected) and breather cap hose, vacuum amplifier, aspirator valve (connects to exhaust manifold and engine), positive crankcase ventilation valve (new Mopar pcv purchased), water valve, heater hoses, windshield washer tank.  The alternator seems to nudge out heater hoses where they should bend around the valve cover to a hose hanger.  The hanger is seen attached to the hoses.  It is out of reach of the slot where it is supposed to attach to the valve cover.  Will look into shifting the alternator a bit left on its brackets and adjusting length of heater hoses.


5.  Black paint on cowl is brush-applied satin Rustoleum on red primer.  See also frame 6.  Found rust in vicinity of center cowl vent several months ago, removed as possible with an abrasive pad.  Thorough rust repair and repainting in body color ("Carmel Tan", code U3 -- or "Caramel Tan", depending on color name reference) is planned for when the engine is out of the car.

6.  Main components: red Carter BBD carburetor tag (type number 8087S); idle enrichment vacuum hose.  Black paint on red primer, see frame 5 for explanation.



9.  Repair rust, and paint (black), vacuum booster.  Starter relay.





[14.]  Somebody else's engine compartment, showing different lie of a/c hoses across valve cover.

15.  Click on image to see shop manual diagram on how heater hoses were intended to lie along the side of the Slant Six valve cover.


17.  Voltage regulator, "H" valve, EGR relay, ballast resistor (partial), EGR vacuum reservoir, vacuum amplifier (partial).

18.  Unused side tabs on manifold vacuum connector.  A tab on the other side of the post was broken.  So the car had been running without a vacuum line to the heater control inside the car.  See next picture.

19.  Loose vaccum line (pink/violet) to heater control inside car.  Broken tab, barely visible just to the right. Click on picture to view replacement connector, vacuum line fragment, and shop manual diagram showing vacuum booster installation.



22.  Voltage regulator, "H" valve, windshield washer tank.