61.  Need check valve.

76.  Front and rear views of harmonic damper.  Rear view shows cracked and hardened seal. FOUND! &See frame 82 on the "New Parts" page.

62.  Picture in the shop manual, page 25-27.  FOUND! See frame 45 on the "New Parts" page.

63.  Present coolant control EGR valve with connected tubes: tube with blue stripe from the vacuum reservoir; with white stripe from the EGR valve.  Replacement FOUND. See frame 45 on the "New Parts" page.

64.  Coolant temperature sensor.  It snakes around the front of the engine and runs along the valve cover, through the firewall and to the temperature gauge?  : Replacement FOUND. See frame 74 on the "New Parts" page.


65.  Need vacuum reservoir, EGR time delay solenoid.  Both items are attached to the vacuum amplifier; the reservoir to its rear, and the solenoid to its front.  See frames 1, 3, 6, 15, 16, 19.

66.  Battery to ground cable.  Replacement FOUND.

67.  Postive cable.  None found after several hours of searching, over several days.  Ed Olsen will fabricate a replacement.  Wire and connectors have been purchased.