33.194  This unit, not showing a Mopar imprint, was purchased at a car show. The vendor had no info about its prior use.  It has a casting number, 4091424.  The 1977 Mopar parts book has diagrams of two alternators: one indicated as 100-amps, part number 4091002. The other diagram represents "except 100-amp" units that are of six types, A through G, with stamped numbers in the range, 3874695 to 3874777.  One difference between the two diagrams: the 100-amp unit does not show its stator at the edges of front and back shields (the outer casing), although its windings are very dense in the interior of the unit.  The other diagram shows about three-quarters of an inch of its stator between the shields.  The types may range from 41 to 65 amps.  The 100-amp distinction is verified by mechanic and member of the Slant Six Club, Andy Wittenborn.  The unit has bench tested "okay" at two different shops.  It has been cleaned and the pulley painted.  (Rev. 10/15)